Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Refurbishment

Finally after many meetings I can confirm the building work will be starting on Monday 21st September! The builders cabins will be based in the Key Stage 1 playground the week commencing the 14th September. There will be a temporary toilet block put into the Key Stage 2 playground as we will lose a set of toilets during the first part of the work. Children will always be accompanied to the toilet block when they need it.

The first part will see the end of the school (from Miss Baileys classroom and up to Mr Cromwell’s office) being knocked down and a new extension being built. The new extension will be hopefully finished for Christmas and this will be Year 1’s new classroom and the new Key Stage 1 toilets.

After this the old Year 1 and Nursery classrooms will be knocked into one large Early Years unit and Reception and Nursery will move into there. From then two classes will be renovated at a time and the corridor will be extended out around the school to make the classrooms bigger.

As the work takes place in any area that part of the school will be completely sectioned off so children are always safe and disruption will be kept to a minimum.

We will keep you updated throughout the project, but for now, have a look at the proposed plans below.  These are subject to change during the project. Click on each image to view an enlarged version.