Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leavers Book 2020

Good luck in high school, I will miss you allKaitlyn

Dear Year 6, although I have never had the pleasure of being your teacher I feel I know you all so well because each and every one of you have been an integral part of our team at Aspinal.As you all travel off to your different high schools for the next part of your journey, please remember YOU ROCK! And because you rock, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Good LuckMiss Cairns

My favourite memory from school would have to be when I started singing before the song started at the Harvest Festival, it made everyone laugh!  I will miss all my friends and the times we played football.  I wish everyone good luck in their new schools and thank you so much Miss Hughes and the rest of the staff that have helped me with all my learning, I hope I do you proud.Taylor

Everyone have a great time at your new high school!James

I wish you all the best in high school and I have missed having you all in school! I look forward to seeing you all at the prom (whenever we can plan that!) You have all worked so hard this year and should be so proud of yourselves! I will miss all of you. Good luck! MIss Sweeting

Good luck everyone and I will miss you allKian

Good luck everyone! Terrence

You reign over your class, with gentleness and grace. Your patience is endless. You tell us the present, the past, and make it alive. Your voice guided us throughout the year. We have come out of it growing up. For all that you have taught me - I know it is priceless - I want to say to you: "Thank you"  Miss Hughes and Mrs Robinson  Nissrine

I have really enjoy my 8 years at Aspinal. I will miss all the teachers and some of the friends I have made that won’t be going to my high school. My favourite trip with school was to Gulliver's World. My favourite Christmas play was when I was in mega movers and we got to do a dance. Mr Swift was my favourite teacher. Miss Murphy from the office was always really nice to me and help me. Miss Hughes will finish singing something Iv been humming to myself without realising it. I would like to thank all my teachers, teaching assistants and helpers around the school. I believe I have made some good friend in this last year even tho it as be a strange year. Harley, Riley, Mia and Taylor.


Thank you for being such a lovely, welcoming class when I had the opportunity to teach you for a short lesson in Year 5. Good luck on your new journey Year 6, and remember – reach for the stars! Miss Webster

Year 6 – Congratulations! You made it! I have some great memories of teaching you all in Year 1 and I was so happy to catch up with you again in Year 6. Over the years, you have really blossomed into fine students, with a fine set of friends and a fantastic future ahead.  I love the way that you have welcomed new friends into the class over the years, and every one of you have become an important part of the Oasis Aspinal family.  I know that you will all do us proud by continuing to do your best, aiming high, and sticking up for what you believe in. Buena suerte a todos. Best wishes.Miss Hardy 

I have loved my time at Aspinal and I am sad to be leaving.  I will miss everyone so much and hope you all enjoy high school and see you all soon hopefully.  Thank you to all of my teachers, I will miss you all so much xxx Evie

Good luck at your high schools and remember to always dance like nobody is watching!Miss Clayton

I am thankful to all my teachers, staff and helpers for their support during my time at Oasis Academy Aspinal. This has been the most wonderful experience of my life so far and I have made so many friends who are truly amazing. I am grateful to the teachers for instilling the good qualities and confidence that will help me in my next journey at high school. I am really going to miss you all. I hope our paths will cross again soon.Love from Nyesha xx

I will really miss Oasis Academy Aspinal because I have practically grown up with it and it is to me, my family.  I will miss all the teachers and all of my school mates and I will always remember them.Makeda

I can’t believe it is time for my old Year 2 Motley Crew ( you all know who you are) and all the new faces who I’ve had the upmost pleasure to see grow and mature in Year 6 into the person you are today. I will miss all your smiles and hearing your laughter. Have the best journey through High School.Mrs.Robinson.

I will miss the teachers because they have worked so hard this year.  ThankDevine

My favourite school trip was when we went to Eureka.  I loved being in the Basket Ball Club.  Good luck to all my friends in your new high school.  Marley

Primary school has been a memorable journey, thanks for all the good times an I wish everyone good luck for the future.  Malaika

Can I just add a little note or memory that will forever impact my time at Aspinal. It is a memory of Taylor Edwards. Whilst delivering a celebration assembly a long while ago, Taylor was in Year 2 and sat relatively near to the front of the hall, I was saying the line ‘ Let the rooms be full of contentment’. Simultaneously in his most loud and proud voice I heard  Taylor Edwards join in with ‘Let the rooms be full of attendance!’. It made me giggle so much that I struggled to finish the creed. I still don’t think he knows that to this day. So thank you Taylor for changing that creed for me and making me smile every time I say it! MIss Cairns

I can't believe we are all going to high school, I have enjoyed my time at Aspinal and I am thankful for all the support the teachers have given me over the years, I might have not always said it but I appreciate it very much... Good luck everyone. Bobby

Thank you for all the moment I have had in this Academy, I wont forget them! Kennedy

Thank you Aspinal. Thank you for the happiest, safest, most epic years of my life. Thank you for caring about me, my safety and my future. It breaks my heart that I will be leaving this way but at least I had time to say goodbye. I don't know this for sure but I hope I was a good role model, I hope made at least 20 people smile. Mrs Robbinson thank you for being there for me. Miss Hughes, thank you for always having a smile stamped on your face! Miss Cairns, thank you for being so jolly and friendly all the time. Miss Clayton thank you for always giving people a reason to laugh. Miss Reading thank you for understanding. And I know she may not see this but, Miss Murphy, thank you for always knowing what to do and how to make me smile. Vera

I remember when Miss O'Reilly came to visit and we all started screaming because we were so shocked. Christina

Good luck to all Year 6.  Thank you to all the teachers.  Mia

Good luck to all our fantastic Year 6's.  This has been a really strange year and you probably wont get another one like it again! I hope you all have a great time at high school and that you turn in to the mature adults you are starting to become. I will look forward to hosting your belated prom at some point next year!Mr Foster