Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


I love this school because of how nice the teachers are

A Year 5 child

"We know about respect and how important it is to respect diversity. We are taught to value everyone. It doesn’t matter about beliefs, sexuality, culture, skin colour, LGBQT+.
We learn about different families – it doesn’t matter about whether there are two Dads. You don’t have to fit in – it’s okay to wear what you want, not what others think you should wear."

A Year 6 child

I am so proud of how Oasis Aspinal has looked after my son and how much he has developed since he's been here. Keep up the good work!Parent of a Year 5 child 

I've been coming to this school for 20 years and I've seen it come on. The last 10 years have made the school so much better. The school have helped me and my family through a lot - I wouldn't send my kids anywhere elseParent of a Year 5 child.


"We do a lot about mental health. You have to value yourself before you can value other people. We get the chance to make our views known and teachers listen to us. They celebrate our achievements."

A Year 5 child

They always improve our learning in every way possible.

A Year 6 child

We are very pleased and thankful we got the perfect school in our area. All people are very helpful and we never have any kind of issue.

Parent of a Year 3 child

I like the new curriculum and the different types of food. Year 6 child